Lens emporium is a world class ophthalmic surfacing lab that delivers quality lenses crafted with optimal precision,care and knowledge.


Our Services

Our services are broad, our reach is wide, and our horizon is enlarged. We provide surfaced lenses, lens production by casting and distribution of lens monomer.

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Our Product

Lens Emporium has wide range of product which includes: CR39, Photochromic, 1.67 high index, 1.74 ultrathin lenses, Polycarbonates, Trivex lenses etc.

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We are a team of professionals in the eye care industry with proven skills in our core areas of expertise. We deliver quality as service. Please get in touch with us.

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Lens emporium is a world class lens surfacing firm in Nigeria and Africa. We provide custom made lenses manufactured to specifics. We offer broad range of ophthalmic lenses crafted from renown optical lens manufacturers worldwide.

We deploy cutting edge technology and well motivated staff with mastery on the dynamics of playing on lens highways. Whatever your lens care need is, we will meet and surpass it.

We import most of semi finished ophthalmic products for precision finishing in our labs and subsequent deployment to all in the chain of eye care provision in Nigeria. We deliver quality as service. The buck of your lens need stops at lens Emporium. 

Open Hours

We are open 6 days a week.
Please visit us during business hour or contact us by phone!
Mon: 8am-4pm
Tue: 8am-4pm
Wed: 8am-4pm
Thur: 8am-4pm
Fri: 8am-4pm
Sat: 11am-2pm

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